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Cando Financial offers cheap Equipment Loan Interest Rates. Compare our equipment finance interest rates with banks and other lenders. Use our online calculator to estimate your loan repayments today.

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Equipment Loan Rates

You and your business deserve the best equipment loan rates in the industry. Our great loan rates can save you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars. Smart financing with Cando finance will help you grow your business. Our priority is achieving a loan for you that will increase your overall production through the equipment we help finance. Our industry-leading finance specialist experts work with banks, financial organizations and commercial lending institutions all across Australia. We can source the best possible options and terms for a loan. To get started, contact Cando Finance today for a quote and speedy loan approval.

Interest rates for Equipment Loans

The cheaper your business buy equipment for the longer that equipment last is all relevant to the profitability of your company. Equipment loan rates also affect the profitability of your company. Before equipment rates were as cheap as they are now banks and other main stream lending institutions were making a killing. Even more than they are at present, however rates are now affordable again, make the most of this situation it may not last

Compare Australian equipment loan rates

Tractors, earth moving, yellow goods in fact funds for any equipment purchase, Cando Financial are here to help. Farm equipment, mining equipment, medical equipment, and business equipment such as computers, printers and copiers are all financeable with a Cando equipment loan.

Low doc equipment loan rates are also a speciality of ours with the majority of business application preferring this method of equipment finance. Getting approved for a loan using low Doc or No Doc as it is sometimes called is easy. Low Doc equipment loans require the applicant to demonstrate these 3 basic requirements.

  • Applicant must have a good credit history (No defaults paid or unpaid)
  • Applicant must have a current registered ABN or ACN for 2 years or more
  • Last but not least the applicant must be a home owner (Mortgage)

Provided you meet these 3 must have requirements your loan will be approved. Our panel of Australian low Doc Equipment lender are here to help your business grow and achieve the success you deserve.


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