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We are the equipment finance broker experts. Cando put together or broker equipment loans and leasing to best streamline your cash flow. Large residuals or balloons help reduce your payments. Cando Equipment Lending

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Equipment Finance Brokers

Cando Financial provide the best Equipment Finance brokers throughout Australia. Our brokers know the finance industry well and are accredited with over thirty banks Australia wide. Cando Financial specialize in low rate loans. It is a cornerstone to good business practice to get the best deal on the type of equipment that benefits your company and most importantly a tax effective option that will save you money. Our finance specialists at Cando Financial are all experienced equipment finance brokers. Contact Cando today and let our experience work for you.

Brokers use us or not?

Lets decide, most brokers have between 5 and 20 banks they use with each bank offering between 5 and 10 lending products. Thats a lot of phone calls to work out the best equipment loan for your business. Doing the maths that is over 200 finance product to consider. Our job should you decide to pick up the phone is to work out the best loan for your business. A Cando business manager will ask for ten minutes of your time to do this. Considering the other option of calling twenty banks, waiting for an answer for days. I think it is a no brainer. A Cando finance manager is available 12 hours a days 7 days a week. call now we can help.


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