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Don’t get ripped off by large company’s offering 0% finance for goods they manufacture. Company’s do this to appear to offer a genuine savings. Generally this is not a true indication of the cost of the goods. Cando recently experienced this scenario.

A client came to us requesting a finance approval for 48,000, within an hour we had this client fully approved at reduced rate. The vehicle this client was purchasing had an advertised price of 58,000 at zero percent interest. The dealer could or would not move on the purchase price of that vehicle if the purchaser was applying for a loan through the dealership!

You do the maths, $10,000 cheaper, that’s a lot of interest to recoup in 24 month loan term. This does not take into consideration any penalty fees associated with the manufactures offer, should you fall behind in your loan commitments. These can be and usually are exorbitant.

Compare all offers before you sign, make decision based on good solid calculations. Be informed and talk to a qualified Cando Finance manager today.


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